Prevention projects shortlisted for Innovation Grants of up to GBP 1 million

From 800 applications, 12 projects have been shortlisted for the What Works Innovation Grant to receive up to GBP 1 million to support and test cutting-edge violence prevention interventions.

The grant scheme will provide funding of between GBP 300,000 – 1,000,000 to national organisations and international NGOs working across Africa, the Middle East, South and Central Asia, to develop and deliver programmes aimed at preventing violence against women and girls.

The shortlisted projects reflect the immense diversity of interventions needed to prevent violence against women and girls, from projects that use media and communications, to those that work with communities on the ground to promote social change, to school-based programmes, projects that work with faith leaders, and microfinance projects that work to challenge traditional gender norms.

Shortlisted grantees were selected through an exhaustive review process conducted by the What Works: Global Programme Experts Committee, to find projects that were taking an informed but new and promising approach to stopping violence against women and girls before it starts.

The What Works Innovation Grant scheme has been established to grow the field of violence prevention work, and support organisations to take an evidence-based approach to programme design. In addition to funds, grantees will be provided with capacity development and technical support for researchers and programme staff, to conduct formative research to inform new programmes, and evaluation research to capture learning. We hope too, that the grantees will also form a dynamic community of practice that will promote cross-country and cross-disciplinary learning.

The innovation grantees will be announced on 10 December 2014.


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