Debating what it means to be a man in Pakistan

Activists, students and gender researchers alike were encouraged to consider the way in which men are brought up to embody certain ways of being a man, as part of a wider conversation on gender equality at the ‘Men, Masculinities and Gender Justice,’ hosted by Rozan and Trocaire in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Director of the What Works Global Programme, Professor Rachel Jewkes, was part of a panel discussion, alongside other prominent gender researchers that included the Dr. Judith McFarlane of the Texas Women’s University, the Managing Director of Rozan Babar Bashir and gender activist Kausar Khan.

The panel explored the need to involve men in challenging community attitudes and practices that de-value women, as a critical part of the movement to end violence against women and girls. They highlighted the need for training for young boys and girls, on how to challenge gender stereotypes, and the expectations placed on them, and for more community-based work to change social norms around appropriate roles for men and women, and around the use of violence in general.


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