Overcoming my fear of blogging

Yasmeen & Geeta Pic

Geeta Devi Pradhan, Head of Programme-Gender & Inclusive Governance at the VSO Nepal Country Office on the day she found her blog voice.

 I think my fear of blogging has a lot of baggage of my own fear of being critiqued by others, my wanting to be always perfect, trying to keep up with our society’s expectation of flawless women. Working in a very competitive environment where as a women, I always have to try harder, work harder, to prove that I am good as leader as anyone else.

Until yesterday’s session run by Gemma Ferguson and Rebecca Ladbury on “How to write a Blog” as part of the What Works Capacity Building Workshop, I had the utmost fear of blogging and thinking that this was far too complicated a thing to do, and that it would take up too much of my time to write a perfect blog. I really like the way they shared their shared personal stories and especially Gemma’s journey from what motivated her to start blogging, the circumstances she was in, and how she made the most of the situation she was in, as an inspiration for blogging.

This sessions help me get over my fear of blogging, liberating the hidden layers of my own fear, and so thank you both for helping me find my blog voice.

By Geeta Devi Pradhan, from the Cap Dev workshop in Pretoria, South Africa. 4 July 2017.


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